ePub My Own Private Hero By Julianne MacLean

ePub My Own Private Hero By Julianne MacLean
ePub My Own Private Hero By Julianne MacLean

In this delightful conclusion to the Heiress trilogy, Julianne MacLean brings us a fresh twist on classic historical romance?London society as seen through the eyes of a lovely, light-hearted young outsider.Adele Wilson firmly believes life should be calm and entirely without emotional drama. So the first landed gentleman her mother puts in f

Ront of her is the one she agrees to marry, and wedding preparations begin as neatly as she hoped. Until, on the way to seal the deal, her carriage is overtaken by ransomers. And then the ransomers are overtaken by someone handsomer, namely Damien Renshaw, Baron Alcester, cousin to her betrothed. Prim, stately Adele finds that she too is being overtaken, by the manliness of this heroic, albeit complicated man. And Damien is not totally unmoved by her challenging nature, which he believes hides a passion and recklessness never before explored. If only he can get her to explore it with him, there is no telling what kind of love?and excitement?the two of them might discover together


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